An OPS Virtual Accountant does not need a desk in your office.

Old-school thinking would have everybody responsible for a company function sitting in a chair at a desk in the headquarters office.

Today, growing companies can have a virtual OPS Accountant, without having to furnish him or her with pencils or wastebaskets. By putting data in the cloud with QuickBooks Online or other industry leading cloud-based programs, you and your OPS Virtual Accountant can share data instantly, make strategic decisions and analyze trends … without having to be inside the same four walls.

Today’s cloud-based accounting programs can be optimized to handle just about anything a small company or growing organization needs without draining your staff resources.  We can help you implement and design a process tailored to your needs.

Here are some powerful features cloud-based accounting programs offer to save you time and money:

  • Hosted and secure accounting file so there is no worry about data loss or expensive hardware installations
  • Seamless bank and credit card integrations that can reduce or eliminate data entry
  • Integrated online payroll solutions that post payroll directly to your general ledger eliminating the needs for cumbersome journal entries
  • Multi-user environment that can accommodate multiple users working in your company file at the same time
  • User-level security access to limit access to sensitive financial reports and control functions
  • Powerful custom financial reporting including budgeting tools, department profit/loss tracking and robust AR/AP reports
  • Ability for an OPS virtual accountant to easily view your account activity in real-time and help you troubleshoot and support you or your staff quickly – when you need it
  • Free up staff time to focus on your core business

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