Employee Retention Credit (ERTC) with PPP Forgiveness

By April 15, 2021News

Calculate the maximum ERTC employee retention credit with PPP loan forgiveness.  I’ll recap the basic qualifications for maximizing the employee retention credit while receiving 100% PPP loan forgiveness.

I’ll run through a detailed example using real payroll and PPP loan criteria to calculate the employee retention credit while preserving PPP loan forgiveness eligibility.  

There is so much money out there!

You can purchase the spreadsheet I am using here:


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  • Brigid Kennedy says:

    Did I miss where you included benefits in your calculations? And why wouldn’t you start by using only $14,000 of each employee’s eligible compensation for PPP each quarter that you’re eligible for ERTC to maximize the ERTC per quarter?

    • Ted says:

      not sure where you saw the credit was 14k per quarter..it’s 70%of the first 10k or 7k for 2021 ERTC per quarter through Q3…the health benefits should be added to the gross pay in my calculator and i’ve covered that in my videos as well

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